Recruitment 101: Lesson #1

Recruitment 101

Lesson 1:

Never take it for granted that CVs contains contact number or email address.


Despite the existence of common sense in most people, in my line of work reviewing CVs everyday, I do come across resumes with beautifully written and impressive career history, career aspirations and credentials.

Except contact details.

Hence, dear students, please remember. Recruiters are not Jean Grey or Professor X with telepathic abilities. We can't contact you with our minds. >_^

Signing off,
From the Desk of a Recruiter

"Recruitment 101" series

Having not written anything for almost 2 months, due to work, school, personal rollercoasters, writer's block and a wee bit of laziness, I hit a sudden brainwave while in the midst of work to do this "Recruitment 101" series.

What is this about? Well, you gotta read it to get it. ;)

So here you go. Watch out for Lesson #1, coming up soon. =)

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