Just when I thought I was beginning to understand them...

One fine afternoon...

Adeline: Good Afternoon Mr Jobseeker, are you open to explore a career opportunity?

Jobseeker: Yes, but only in specific XXX technology as the IT administrator

Adeline: I have an opportunity here which is what you are looking at, but before I continue the discussion, may I know if there are any particular reasons for you wanting to leave your current company after only 6 months?

Jobseeker: I was hired as an IT administrator, but now I'm being tasked and designated to do IT development. Hence I'm only looking for an administrator opportunity in XXX technology

Adeline: I see. I do have an administrator opportunity in XXX. But would you be open to explore such an opportunity in a service provider environment?

Jobseeker: Vendor? I have attended interviews for almost all possible service providers for this administrator opportunity.

Adeline: Have you attended any interviews with my client, Company AAA?

Jobseeker: Never heard of them.

Adeline: If that's the case, would you like to explore an opportunity with them?

Jobseeker: But I have attended interviews for almost all service providers. I probably have attended an interview with your client before.

Adeline: Have you attended any interviews at Location BBB?

Jobseeker: Nope.

Adeline: If you haven't heard of my client's name and location, chances are, you have not attended interviews with them before. Since you are interested in this administrator opportunity, would you like to consider submitting your application?

Jobseeker: I have attended so much interviews for this administrator opportunity. I am interested in the opening, but I am just demoralized from attending so many interviews. I don't think I want to look for a job anymore.

Adeline: ...... 


The above conversation has been edited to ensure proper English decorum (i.e., grammar) is displayed on the blog, but of course, in real-life the recruiter and job-seeker alike don't talk in such pretty language.

The essence of the conversation, however, remains unedited, and yes, this very adorable jobseeker did say that classic line "demoralized from attending so many interviews".

After 36 months of recruitment, I was beginning to think I'm starting to understand the mindsets of jobseekers in general, but I guess, I have a very long way to go.

Signing off,
From the Desk of a Recruiter,

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