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This has been on my mind for the past 24 days and 3 months and 4 years, and I suppose will continue to be on my mind. 

When the world of recruitment runs on a try-luck mentality, it starts to move away from being a proper service and to a world of gambling. With the induction of online job portals, the only risk for jobseekers in mass-sending resumes is that mild ache in the mouse-finger.

"Just try lah. No harm mah!" 

I've received fresh IT graduate applying for a Global Head in Information System Architecture. 

I've received fresh Business Administrative graduate applying for a Business Objects Consultant.

I've received an Admin Executive applying for SQL 2008 Architect

I've received Physical Education graduate and current basketball coach applying for Oracle Database Administrator. (No kidding)

Sometimes, I reply these people, asking them to elaborate on their relevant experience in the field. 

The most common answer I've heard, in a nutshell: 

"I've used this software before. I am sure I can do this job." 

I know how to use a fridge. Does that mean I can build a fridge on my own?

When does looking for a career became an action of "just try, no harm"? 

I'm not really sure if jobseekers will appreciate it if employers just try them out for a few days. Just try luck and see. No harm, right?

Or, would jobseekers enjoy it if recruiters send them out to any available position, regardless of what they are qualified for. 

Just try luck and see, no harm anyway. Do I have to care if you are a 2nd class Honors graduate in IT and I recommend you for an Admin Assistant job?

Some (keyword: some) of the job seekers have the most questionable attitude when they apply for everything that contains the words "IT" or "Computer" and expect a full-time permanent employment with career progression with an attractive paycheck. 

The only logic I see similar exists in the casinos. Of course, at the casinos, you do not have the luxury of throwing your chips to every game without any cost. 

No matter how many times you declare in your cover letter/resume how "meticulous and takes work with pride" you are, sending your resume to 100 job advertisements a day only shows how little time/effort you spend in understanding a simple piece of information. 

Of course, there's always two sides to a coin. I'll post up the other side of the coin in the next update. 

Signing off
From the desk of a Recruiter

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