When random ramblings became not so random


The Amy Cheong incident is truly enlightening at how fragile racial tolerance is in Singapore. While the most majority of Singaporeans tolerated each other, once every so often, incidents of such bigots randomly rambling on Facebook became the top news of everyone’s News Feeds.

We often thought that racial harmony is “given”, seeing we “grew up in Singapore”.

And yet, we have this Miss Amy Cheong who steps forward with questionable intelligence and reminds us that racial harmony is not to be taken granted for.

Insert Picard’s double facepalm picture here please.

Her comments on the local Malay custom of having void deck marriages showcased not only her insensitivity to her fellow countrymen, but also the hint of self-centered elitism.

It’s rather shocking at how she is able to declare that “expensive” weddings results long-lasting wedding. Was she a wedding planner or a wedding counselor? 

Actually, no. She's just a membership consultant. 

Spending tens of thousands on a wedding dinner does not equate to a happy marriage. More often than not, an expensive wedding dinner banquet added onto the financial and mental stress of the newly-wed couple.

Which, according to some of my friends and acquaintances, also explains why wedding lunches are on the rising trend.

As she cursed, and swore with vulgarities on our Malays’ wedding customs, she seemed to have forgotten that Chinese do utilize void decks in our own custom and culture – in funeral wakes.

In retrospect, I wondered if she would curse and swear if her family held a funeral wake that lasted any number between 3-7 days, with chanting/choir singing every other night.

The saddest part of it all, in my opinion, was that she seemed to think her comments were “silly”.

I wondered which part of her Facebook comments qualified as “silly”.

The “How can society allow pple to get married for 50 bucks?” part?

Or the “…maybe then the divorce rate wont be so high!” part?

Or the “Not to mention as u happily start ur new journey, there will be hundreds cursing u to death, me included” part?

For someone who is educated enough to hold the assistant director rank with NTUC, she is sadly lacking in the department of EQ.

As of this moment of this blog post, Amy Cheong has been sacked from her employer. (insert Today’s report)

To: Miss Amy Cheong, for all the declarations and apologies that you had Ctrl C + Ctrl V into your Twitter posts, you seemed to be missing the key reason why the nation was outraged.

 Your post was appallingly racist.

No, it is far from being “silly”.

And I doubt many will believe that you “didn’t mean it”.

For one to be cursing/swearing openly and repeatedly on the social network, it only shows how much sincerity and earnestness she placed in those “silly” words.

May this be a lesson to you.

Signing off
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