Dear Fresh Graduate...

Dear Recruiter,

I am Fresh Graduate from N** graduating with Bachelor of Computer Science (with Honors) . I am applying for Software Engineer position. My expected salary is 3,500 SGD/Mon.

As some companies are offering me some positions at the moment, I hope if you are interested in me please indicate me your intention within one week as possible.

From Fresh Graduate.


Dear Fresh Graduate,

If you think a Fresh Graduate setting a timeline/deadline for the Hiring Managers to respond to your job application cover letter is proper job-hunting etiquette, by all means please accept those companies who are offering you. I would wish them good luck and all the best. 

From the Desk of a Recruiter


This particular incident was written in a very agitated/bitchy pen sometime in 2009 when it happened. To those who might recall the Desk of a Recruiter back in that year, I was quite bitchy with my words here.

In any case, in view of the upcoming graduations of my friends currently attending local universities, this should be an interesting read. I do hope none of my friends or readers here make such a job-hunt suicidal mistake while writing their cover letters/job applications.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong in the context of the email. All jobseekers have in their rights to ask for any salary they seem deem fit. It wouldn't be the first time recruiters receive jobseekers expecting 50% increment.

It is that "setting of timeline" portion that kinda stretch the limits in a recruiter's tolerance. I'm not entirely sure I would even want to call this Fresh Graduate to assess his attitude when his email is so glaringly arrogant.

Geez, Mr Fresh Graduate, to be cruelly blunt, there's another several hundreds of your classmates and equivalent graduates who are as qualified or even better qualified than you, who write in better grammar, a more polite tone, more importantly shows better attitude, even if it is just written words.

I have more reasons to chuck your application aside after seeing your email than to even view your resume to see how fantastic you think you are to expect such a high salary range.

To all jobseekers, there is a time, and place where you can demand someone to respond to your email. Doing it fresh out of university for your first job ain't exactly a smart time to do it.

Like I said, people. There're better ways to do career suicide. Please don't do it this way.

Signing off
From the Desk of a Recruiter

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