I don't mean to be rude but this is...

In the first quarter of first year in recruitment, I had this rather interesting experience with a jobseeker who came in from our neighbouring countries to seek opportunity in Singapore.

(Note: The English is minimally edited. I spoke in such pretty language back then. ^_^) 


Adeline: May I know your availability?

Jobseeker: Hah? *pause* Oh... Social Visit Pass

Adeline: I mean, may I know your a.vai.la.bi.li.ty?

Jobseeker: Ah... So.ci.al Vi.sit. Pass.

Adeline: ... When can you start work?

Jobseeker: Oh, ooooh. Immediately.

Adeline: *sigh* Ok,  when will your Social Visit Pass expire?

Jobseeker: Im.me.di.ately!

Adeline: ... *facepalm*


The punchline of this conversation, this jobseeker holds double degrees from an esteemed university in the home country, one of them a Bachelor of Arts in English Language.

Having experienced this so early in my career in recruitment, I guess it was safe to say, I also stopped taking for granted that everyone is fluent in English in this world.

Welcome to Singapore.

Signing off,
From the Desk of a Recruiter

PS: Amidst assignment and work craziness, this blog is slow in its updates. But then again, I wonder if anyone notices it. ^^"

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