A wee bit big

Dear Jobseeker, 

I appreciate your consideration in ensuring your CV is legible. However, font size 35 for the entire document is pushing it. Thank you.

From the Desk of a Recruiter


I do hope all jobseekers out there do not make this one of two suicidal mistakes when writing their CVs. Yes, there is a very strong need to ensure your CV is first and foremost, viewable on the screen of the recipient. 

But... Is there really a need to do up a 10 page CV with font size 35? *facepalm*

In case anyone is interested... This is a screen capture of font size 35. (Please click on the thumbnail to see the original size)

Why would ANYONE write their resumes in this font size is beyond me.

Signing off,
From the Desk of the Recruiter

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