Recruitment 101: Lesson #3

Recruitment 101

Lesson 3:

Never take it for granted that cover letters are professional documents. It may contain other information, such as a summary of the childhood memories of the job applicant had of his/her deceased father, 3 siblings and family teachings. 


Let it now be said. In a cover letter:

We DO NOT need to know:

1) Who raised you
2) The age your father passed away
3) The number of siblings you have and/or have to take care of
4) How your family's teaching has influenced you to be who you are.
5) How your ex-employer has mistreat you
6) How your wife thinks you should get a new job
7) How the arrival newborn child is motivating you to get a better paying job

We. Are. Not. Matchmakers. Or. Family. Counsellors

What we DO like to see:

1) Written descriptive of your educational qualification
2) 2-3 paragraphs of your professional experiences
3) How your experience can value-add to the listed vacancies
4) Your contact details

Resumes and Cover letters are professional representation of one's self. 

Leave personal history, your ah-gong/ah-ma/ah-pa/mummy/hubby/wife's teachings to gossip or chit-chat-sessions with your friends.

Yes, it's been a long Monday.

Signing off,
From the Desk of a Recruiter

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