Preventive Mastur.. what?

Dear Jobseeker, 

Read your resume carefully before sending it out. 

"Preventive Maintenance" and "Preventive Masturbation" are worlds apart. 

From the Desk of a Recruiter


I am an avid surfer of For those of you out there thinking today is the worst day of your lives, please drop by the website. It's therapeutic.

This anecdote pops up on one of my daily views on the FML website.

Today, I found out that my resume contained the word "masturbation" in the skills section, courtesy of a practical joke by my best friend. I have been using this CV unsuccessfully for over two months. FML

Finding it utterly amusing, I forwarded this little anecdote to my fellow colleagues. After a good laugh to chase away the office blues, one of them decided to do a keyword search, to see if the word "masturbation" truly exists in the massive load of resumes we received.

And... yes, it did... on the employment history of an engineer

"Preventive masturbation of machinery...." 

Needless to say, we had another laugh.

Over time, I came to develop a mental list of "Top Weirdest Resumes".

Some of them were weird because of strange resume photos; others due to strange typography.

THIS particular hilarious gem, however, wins the new #1 spot on my rather disorganized list, all with a simple word.

Advice from the Desk:
Always, always, always read your resume two times before clicking the send button. Spending an extra 5 minutes won't kill your eyes.

Signing off
From the Desk of the Recruiter

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